Miraton Matador Group (MMG) is a leading provider of technology-enabled, data-driven solutions that address various market gaps across multiple sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Our mission is to provide quality products and services for the African-European region at considerably low prices.

Multi-sector business units

We have deep expertise and experience in serving the public and private sectors, operating primarily through our multi-sector business units.

All-encompassing range

We operate in renewable energy, sustainable energy, logistics, general trading, hospitality, financial services and recruiting services.

Industry-leading solutions

We help our customers reach new levels of efficiency, reliability and sustainability by providing industry-leading technology solutions and expertise.


Some of our achievements.

We are committed to serving Africa in the best and fastest way possible by breaking records and hitting milestones.

T and T Deal Markets

Made 495 Million in sales volume for several partners in 2019.


Empowering 50+ micro, small, medium enterprises with easy-to access loans for years.


Installed and managed 5,000+ electrical meters across Nigeria in the past 3 years.

Latrose Finance

Over 28 years of making good returns for all our investors.

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Astra Electric


Miraton Matador Group is blessed to have many people in the various subsidiaries, working together to ensure success.


Would you like to join us? Are you an engineer, accountant, or digital media specialist? Are you interested in the Energy, Finance or the Real Estate sector?

At Miraton Matador Group, we have so many areas that you can come and make a difference, or learn and develop experience relevant to your industry. Fill the form and let’s discuss.