Chief Technology Officer – MMG

A seasoned professional in software development and implementation who will be a member of the company’s management team tasked with evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, and developing solutions for implementation. 

Notable facts for CTO.

  • All the companies have a viable application for B to B use
  • Our partners include but not limited to Interswitch, GA, Providus Bank plc, Teamapt, Sendgrid, Twilo, Discord,, Upperlink, Paystack, Opay, and AWS.
  • The tech team currently is made u of front end, back end developers, UI-UX staff of around 10 in number.
  • On hire, your job role will be “Asst. CTO” until you prove your worth to the broth
  • You will have One predecessor before your offer



  • Pension
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Other bonus structures available after accepting the offer

Estimated Salary: – N750,000 [Subject to board review after interview] 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1.  Setting company technical vision and leading the company’s technological development
  2.  Developing strategic plans and setting timelines for evaluation, development, and deployment of all technical, web, and mobile services
  3.  Identifying opportunities for web and mobile services
  4.  Collaborating with department heads, marketing, production, and operations as an advisor of all technologies involved with the company
  5.  Ensuring technology standards and best practices are met
  6.  Monitoring web analytics and making recommendations that align with business goals
  7.  Supervising quality assurance processes, integration, and system tests
  8.  Establishing software development process and set objectives for the process
  9.  Mentoring team members
  10.  Identifying company web user needs
  11.  Monitoring performance profiling tools and procedures
  12.  Maintaining network security with IT team
  13.  Reviewing timeframes and budgets
  14.  Developing and implementing disaster and emergency recovery plans
  15.  Supervising workflow of IT department
  16.  Defining company standards for systems, equipment, and software
  17.  Sharing technological visions, opportunities, and risks companywide
  18.  Studying current and new industry trends, technologies, and software development
  19.  Studying information processing systems to evaluate the effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement
  20.  Representing the company at conferences and networking events
  21.  Ensuring the company’s technological processes and service comply with all requirements, laws, and regulations 

Specific Roles on Resumption

  1.  Move the application used within team to one
  2.  Incorporate artificial intelligence tools
  3.  Move the group web/mobile infrastructure into a safe space


  1. Applicants with a Fintech background are preferred.
  2. Experience in developing supply-chain management systems for a prior organization.
  3. Recommendation from previous company/employer detailing the applicant’s good team spirit
  4. and departure in good faith.
  5. A list of current technological developments

Extra notes

  1. All applicants will be thoroughly scrutinized and inquiries will be made into previous places of employment, bank account details etc.
  2. A task-based structure exists wherein individuals and teams are assigned tasks to carry out monthly under little or no supervision.
  3. The first month of work will be in-person from Monday to Friday, after which the selected applicant is entitled to work from home.
  4. There will also be a 365 days [One year contract] of full time engagement – NDA and bond contract.

Please send your resume to before 10 September 2021.

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